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The style of health coaching that I practice is based on a Functional Medicine approach. Functional Medicine is slightly different from conventional medicine in that it seeks to find root cause of disease and conditions within the body and focuses on lifestyle changes first, to mitigate symptoms and advancement of disease, before going straight to medication.


Professionals in the Functional Medicine field view and treat all of the systems in the body together, as an interconnected web, instead of treating one organ system separately from the others. Functional Medicine is very holistic - a person is treated for the emotional and mental aspects of health, as well as the physical. 


This is definitely not a "one size fits all" approach.


Professionals in Functional Medicine understand that each person is unique and requires a slightly different approach than the person before him/her. That's why working with a Functional Medicine trained health coach is a vital piece to achieving success in your health goals. No two coaching sessions are the same, and you will never receive "cookie-cutter" guidance. 


You are in charge of where this health investigation leads,

which steps you take first, and

what your journey looks like.  

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