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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are aromatic compounds extracted and distilled from the leaves, flowers, stems, seeds, roots, and bark of plants and trees from all over the world. For a plant, essential oils provide immunity, protection from predators, and promote healthy reproduction and repair. Similarly, essential oils can provide the same support to the human body! Essential oils are potent, pure, and chemically diverse, being able to help the body with a multitude of ailments! Because they are lipid soluble (meaning they can get into our cells), one drop of essential oil can get into the blood stream in a matter of seconds and can service every cell of the body within 20 minutes!

Want to learn more?

Please fill in the essential oils inquiry form below. If you would like to receive a sample to try, please provide your mailing address. Please keep an eye out for an email from to set up a time to chat oils! Thank you!

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