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Reflexology is a light-touch modality that utilizes the connection between reflex points on the hands and feet to specific organs and areas of the body. By applying light pressure to these points, I can help the body release into a healing and relaxing state. In addition to promoting healing and relaxation, reflexology can be used for specific ailments (i.e. headaches, sinus problems, body tension, or digestive issues) or other general support, such as helping to detox the body, boost immunity, increase circulation, and clear any blocked energy channels. 

AromaTouch® Technique

The AromaTouch Technique is a clinical way of applying certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and was created by a leading expert in integrative medicine and therapeutic application of essential oils. This method uses eight specific essential oils and essential oil blends to boost immunity, promote relaxation, provide stress relief, and reduce pain and inflammation, all while elevating your mood. This application utilizes energy meridians and reflexology points in the feet to promote homeostasis and wellbeing in the body.

Learn more about this technique by clicking HERE.

Energy Clearing & Chakra Balancing

Whether you want to believe it or not, everything we see and feel is made up of energy, including our own bodies. All of our cells emit energy, and when working together, our cells' energies help our bodies maintain homeostasis. There are specific areas in the body that are channels of energy - these are your chakras. Most people know of the main 7 chakras running along the midline of our bodies, but there are actually minor chakras throughout our entire body - mostly around the joints. If the energy of the body and/or joints are blocked or stagnant, they must be cleared and opened back up to receive or give energy (depending on what your body needs). Imbalances in your energy system and chakras can manifest in both physical and emotional ailments. If you're feeling anxious, disconnected, insecure, dispassionate, or with either high or low emotions, there's a chance you have one or more chakras that need to be cleared and balanced. 

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