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Holistic Weight Loss &

Mindset Mastery

This program is for you if:

  • You're feeling stuck in your current routine, feeling like you don't know what to do to successfully lose weight

  • You feel overwhelmed with the information overload out there about health and wellness

  • You're unhappy with your current state of health and weight, but don't know what to change to feel better and finally lose weight

  • You've always struggled with weight, yo-yo dieting, body image, confidence, and negative self-talk

  • You can't seem to find the motivation, and when you do, you fall off the wagon after not getting quick results

  • You struggle with feelings of guilt and shame around your exercise and eating habits

  • You don't truly know what it feels like to be content with yourself

  • You're ready to lose weight and explore holistic, feel-good, well-rounded lasting ways to do so

The 90 Day 'Holistic Weight Loss and Mindset Mastery' Program includes:

  • One Foundation Call (up to 1 hr 30 mins) to establish your health history, perspective, and goals for working together

  • Eleven weekly 45 minute follow-up sessions

  • Email follow-up of each session's notes for you to keep and review

  • 24/7 Email and/or Facebook Message access to me

  • Access to a private FB community designed specifically for women in my program

  • Resources, tools, and handouts specifically designed for holistic weight loss

  • Accountability, support, understanding and a lifelong partner in health

  • Honest, open communication that will challenge what you say, think, or do (all in your best interests, of course!)


Completion of the 'Holistic Weight Loss and Mindset Mastery' 

  • A more well-rounded holistic way to lose weight that takes into consideration all aspects of a person

  • A new perspective on "heathy" as it relates specifically to YOU

  • A perspective that challenges everything you thought you knew about weight loss

  • An increased awareness of how you think and why you think the way you do

  • Help around identifying what's currently holding you back, why other programs didn't work for you, and why motivation is an issue for you

  • Help in unleashing that inner badass version of yourself that you know is in there somewhere

  • Permission to get back in the driver's seat of your own health and wellbeing

  • A mindset reframe on how you see food, how you feel about your body, and how you view weight loss

  • Education around the importance of gut health, understanding your food "triggers" (both physically and emotionally), knowing your stress triggers, mitigating stress mindfully, and the importance of self-care and self-love

  • An intimate understanding of what foods your body loves and what foods it could do without

Disclaimer: this program is not for you if: 

  • You're looking for a quick fix

  • You don't want to show up every day for the next 12 weeks to put yourself first

  • You're only looking for help with full acceptance of yourself as is

  • You're not looking to investigate and work through issues with your overall health and weight concerns

  • You're not willing to take full responsibility and accountability to changing your health (physical, mental emotional, and spiritual)

  • You don't want to try a more holistic approach to weight loss

  • You're looking for specific, detailed, day-to-day meal plans

  • You want someone to tell you how and when to work out

  • You don't care if you lose weight or feel better, happier, and more self-accepting

  • You're afraid of being challenged, seeing things from a new perspective, or trying something new

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